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    1. Welcome YuanDong ShuangCheng Fan(Jiang Su) Co.,Ltd !

      Low, Medium and High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

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      Independent Research and Development of Fans


      ABOUT US

      YuanDong ShuangCheng Fan(Jiang Su) Co.,Ltd is located at 88 Kaiyang Road, Jiangyan Economic Development Zone, Taizhou City,and adjacent to the Zhentai Highway Hailing Station.
      Our factory is a modern enterprise with strong technical strength, advanced CAD aided design system and advanced processing equipment and domestic professional and testing facilities nationwide, set R & D, manufacturing, and service as a whole.
      We produce all sorts of engineering, industrial and air-conditioning fans. Our main products range over the centrifugal fan series, axial fan series, air-conditioning fan series, diagonal fan series, boiler induced-draft fan series, exhaust fan series, industrial fan series and blower fan series, among which the 4-72II, TY, GM fan series are selected products for their high-efficiency and energy-saving performance.

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